Clients FAQ’s

How long has Newell Palmer Securities been operating?

Newell Palmer Securities was established in 1983 and achieved an important milestone having completed more than 30 years of service in the financial services industry. Uniquely, the group remains privately owned by its adviser team, three of which are its original directors.

What experience and qualifications do your advisers have?

Unique in the industry, our company directors are experienced, long-term practicing advisers and have worked in the company since its inception in the early 1980’s. Our advisers have average industry experience of over 30 years and own 100% of the practice, so clients can expect quality advice.

We are proud to declare that our adviser team holds numerous tertiary and postgraduate qualifications, with a number of staff pursuing additional studies. As a practice we are committed to ongoing education, professional and personal development of our team, to keep pace with the extraordinary changes in the financial services sector.

What services and products do you provide?

Newell Palmer Securities is known for its ability to provide sophisticated investment and planning strategies for individuals and small business. This service is delivered in conjunction with our network of legal, tax and accounting associates who lend their complementary skills to develop practical and profitable solutions to our clients’ investment, risk management and financial planning needs.

What is your financial planning process?

Whilst wealth creation and protection is a routine part of our business, we understand that each person is different.

Our approach begins with a detailed understanding of your objectives, attitudes to investments and risk. We then analyse cash flow and asset/liability position to develop suitable and effective strategies, which are conveyed to you in a simple yet personalised way.

Both internal and external research on economies, markets and investments places us in good position to construct quality portfolios in a cost effective manner.

Where necessary we work closely with a panel of legal, tax and accounting professionals to develop specialised structures to overcome complex financial arrangements.

Do you manage direct equity portfolios?

Newell Palmer Securities works in conjunction with a panel of recommended stockbrokers to establish and regularly review our clients direct equity portfolios. As such, we enjoy the benefits of access to daily institutional research, and the development of model portfolios incorporating core, alternative and emerging stocks to support our clients’ investment strategies.

Importantly, our strong long-term broking relationships enable us to provide our clients access to unique investment opportunities such as Initial Public Offers (IPO’s) and sophisticated equity market products. The stockbroking panel is regularly assessed to ensure they continue to meet our mandate.

Do you provide personal insurance and risk management solutions?

Newell Palmer Securities became a Registered Life Insurance Broker in 1996 and is committed to providing clients with access to responsible and tax effective risk management solutions. Given recent statistics that one out of every two men currently aged 40 will suffer a critical illness or die before the age of 70 and just over one out of every three women will suffer the same fate, we see it as our duty to offer clients appropriate insurance protection.

We use sophisticated software to research both quantitative and qualitative aspects of Life, TPD, Trauma and Income Protection insurance providers to ensure they have fair acceptance criteria, competitive premium rates and a sound claims history.

The same applies for businesses where we have developed sophisticated business succession planning strategies in conjunction with insurers, tax, accounting and legal professionals.

Can you assist with finance arrangements?

Newell Palmer has developed strategic alliances with major Australian banks to provide our clients (and their family, friends and associates) access to a range of home, investment and commercial lending facilities.

This service extends not only to negotiating new loans, but also offers the ability to review existing facilities to ensure competitive interest rates, terms and conditions in line with clients’ cash flow strategies. Most importantly, this valuable service is at no additional cost to you.

How do you charge for your services?

Our advisers work on a fee for service basis, and charge an hourly rate for time spent developing your financial plan or specific advice. When we provide portfolio advisory and management services, we charge an ongoing fee based on an agreed amount or a percentage of the capital invested.

Where insurance or mortgages services are provided, we accept brokerage paid as our fee. Details are available in our Financial Services Guide.

Do you have an established client reporting and review system?

In order for us to comply with our obligations as a Australian Financial Services Licensee, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive client review program. This is a robust service in order to deal with changes to client lifestyle and financial circumstances, legislation, the economic environment and investment performance.

A financial plan which is not regularly reviewed can quickly become irrelevant. Our client reporting and review service is dynamic, proactive and utilises sophisticated financial planning software.

How does Newell Palmer Securities research appropriate investments?

We dedicate a significant amount of time and resource to researching the product offerings we consider for client investment strategies. In this regard we do not rely solely on the recommendations of research houses, but undertake a significant level of in-house research (both qualitative and quantitative), so we have an intimate understanding of risk return characteristics in line with the investor profile.

This involves having key investment managers, economists and brokers visit our offices for regular briefings complemented by our onsite visits to their corporate headquarters.

How can I get a copy of your Newsletter?

Our most current and archived newsletters are available in PDF on our website for you to view, print or download. These are produced bi-annually in May and November. Please contact us if you would like to be on our mailing list.

Do you have a Corporate Brochure?

Yes, our corporate brochure is available on our website in PDF for you to view, print or download. Please contact us if you would like a printed copy mailed to you.

How can I get a copy of your Financial Services Guide?

Simply contact us and we will send you a copy of our Financial Services Guide by email, fax or mail.

Where can I get a copy of your Privacy Policy?

A copy of our Privacy Policy is available on our website.

Do you hold an Australian Financial Services License?

Yes, Newell Palmer Securities transitioned to Australian Financial Services License No. 229264 in July 2003.

Previously the group held a Securities Dealers License and was a Registered Life Insurance Broker.

Who will be providing the financial services?

Newell Palmer Securities Pty Limited will be responsible for the financial services provided.

We are a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service. As such, we comply with their code of ethics and professional conduct, including strict adherence to Professional Indemnity insurance requirements.